1: A view of them at the table.
Jackson: I’ll need any other information he’s ever sent you for my investigation.
Julia: I… geeze… Look, I already betrayed him, and that was only because it was more dangerous than he knew this time, I can’t-
Jackson: Julia.

2: Jackson is leaning forward, looking stern.
Jackson: This isn’t just a criminal investigation. I need to know if he has anything else he shouldn’t about this. This is dangerous information.

3: One of the papers on the table shows a photograph of the satellite device Sal had been using.
Jackson: The device he had was tuned specifically to an internal frequency. The only way for him to have known technical information like that is for someone from the inside to have told him.
There may be an internal leak, someone from in the science team.

4: Melissa speaking, not looking overly concerned and just mostly professional.
Mel: Why would someone want some random outsider to get footage like this?
There’s nothing to be gained.

5: Jackson scratches at one of his mostly-healed facial scars.
Jackson: I don’t know.
I’ve been thinking about the doppelganger, the “fake” Kastos.
An alien presence that wanted our scientists stranded on the moon, an insider leaking information that could very well cause an outbreak, it could be more of the same…
I need every lead I can find.

6: Julia looks forlorn and is tugging some of the papers closer.
Julia: I’ll send you what I have.
I’m sorry, Sal…