1: Anthony and Amzin walk in the park, talking.
Anthony: I can’t get to the lab with my security clearance, but you can.
But you can’t get to the idol while that security guard is in there.

2: We see a security guard standing by the door to the lab containing the idol. He is holding the spear, the tip is the silver dagger Julia used to kill the sample of the idol in Issue #2.
Anthony (off-screen): 24 hours a day, there is at least one guard near the door, armed with that silver spear in case the idol escapes. You can’t get away with opening the idol’s cage with him in there.
So that’s where I come in.

3: We see a ventilation shaft along the ceiling.
Anthony (off-screen): There is a security measure in the basement of the Pilgrim Center reserved for absolute emergencies. Canisters of nerve gas are hidden in those walls, ready to be pumped into the room.

4: Amzin is looking frightened at the concept.
Amzin: We… we can’t kill him…
Anthony (off-screen): He’s in our way. He’s blocking you from your god. Don’t you want to meet it, touch it?

5: Amzin looks embarrassed, hot and bothered, Anthony whispers into his ear.
Anthony: Won’t it be worth it to feel that warm, wet, black flesh against your skin?