1: Melissa stands nervously as the gray cat smiles unnaturally, the wold pads towards him, dripping black ichor.
The Smiling Man: She is harmless, I promise you. At least, now that she’s been tamed.

2: Melissa, looking angry.
Melissa: W-what.. who are… What was…
The Smiling Man (off-screen): One question at a time, please.
Melissa: What was that? Was that inside me?!

3: The man, still smiling, taps his chin thoughtfully with gloved fingers.
The Smiling Man: How curious! You don’t remember?

4: The man extends his hand out towards her.
The Smiling Man: Ah, I see – there is something blocking those memories, hmm. Please, let me unlock them. It will not hurt.
Melissa (off-screen): Wait, don’t you-

5: A hand on her head, Melissa is wide-eyed and staring blankly, black static shrouds her eyes.