1: Julia and Melissa walk home in the dark alongside a park. Melissa wears a sweatshirt and shorts, Julia a t-shirt and jeans.
Melissa: So how’s the internship going?
Julia: Aw man, it’s going great. I mean, I don’t get to do anything super interesting, but I get to watch them use some of the most advanced machines and computers in the world.
You should see some of the computer simulations they run, it’s unreal.

2: They’re at a crossroads, lit by tall biochemical streetlights that shine with a calming green light.
Julia: Kay, well, I’ll see you online. Later!
Melissa: Right, I’ll see you!

3: Melissa continues walking along the sidewalk by herself with a smile.

4: As she leaves the circle of the streetlight, a black wolf stalks out of the shadows.