1: Amzin sits alone on the bench of a park. He looks nervous and is out of work clothes.

2: He looks to his side, surprised.
Anthony (off-screen): Amzin Mennad.
Can I just call you “Az” for short?

3: Approaching is the surveillance officer in a casual jacket with blue covers.
Az: Oh, y-you called me here? Am I in t-trouble?
Anthony: You might be.
Anthony Rocha.
It’s nice to finally meet you.

4: Anthony reaches into his jacket.
Anthony: I’ve been seeing some disturbing things through my cameras, Az.

5: Anthony holds out printed photos of the sheep staring at the idol, compulsively drawing it, and a lewd scene of his obsession.
Az: Shit, shitshit, I, uh…
Wow, those cameras have some great resolution, huh?