1: There is a stack of old books and papers on the desk in Rhoda’s room.

Caption: The teachers know that Rhoda went to the library, but they don’t know what transpired in there, if anything.

2: We see a goblet, a fine purple powder and a brightly colored flower.

Caption: All they know is that she returned to her room, and with her came many of the professor’s old books.

3: Rhoda draws a complicated symbol onto the floor of her dorm room in red paint.

Caption: When she was absent from her third day of classes, a concerned friend checked in on her. She was found in a nearly catatonic state.

4: Rhoda drinks something from a goblet, sitting in the center of the symbol surrounded by candles.

Caption: The staff and police believed it was cult-related activity.

5: Rhoda violently coughs at the drink, covering her mouth as a wisp of energy draws from her.

6: Cast in darkness, Rhoda’s eyes and mouth are aflame with a bright white energy.

Caption: I know better.