1: Mal-Fa’asha steadies himself at the table.

Mal-Fa’asha: Your friend received what often begets those who cannot subdue their curiosity.

My desire was simple: to walk the earth again and escape the wretches of the astral plane. He asked why.

2: His smiling maw widens.

Mal-Fa’asha: So I told him why.

3: Rhoda retorts in the oppressive darkness.

Rhoda: I’ve read about your cults. I know about the murders, the sacrifices… That can’t all be just to stay on Earth…

4: Mal-Fa’asha speaks sternly.

Mal-Fa’asha: If you had seen what I have seen, child, you too would go to any length to avoid the afterlife.

You think such comfort and beauty awaits you… in the arms of the creatures you call gods