1: One scientist stands up.
Scientist: You mentioned an exception. What’s the other source of this radiation? It was my understanding that there was an innate level of background radiation within our atmosphere.
Xijo: I affirm.

2: The display behind Xijo changes to show a lattice of energy waves across the world.
Xijo: With the help of the owners of various satellite systems, I was able to triangulate several sources of what was previously assumed to be general background radiation.

3: Security footage of Sedjet mutating is shown on the screen.
Xijo: The average levels of Shankar Radiation found in the upper orbits around Earth do not match the levels found on Mars and can be traced to several discrete points. The radiation seems to be emitting from these points of space, surrounding the Earth and its moon.
When this radiation is completely nullified, the earthling body, hm, reverts to…

4: Xijo, speaking, looking nervous as he avoids the topic.
Xijo: It can be surmised that, whatever the source of the radiation is, it is intended to keep you all as you are.

5: As if zooming in on the security footage, we see in a flashback the mutated Sedjet roaming the halls of the underground science lab.
Caption: Earlier…
Sedjet: It’s… it’s so quiet…
Didn’t know…

6: The beast looks up. The energy lattice shown before is seen again, this time from below. All ceilings and layers of ground gone, Sedjet stares up at the starlit sky at the web of red energy across the earth.
Sedjet: …how loud it all was…