1: The coffee machine is pouring steaming hot coffee into a mug.
Okpara: With all due respect, Agent Jackson…
This is not your business and not your jurisdiction, no matter what sort of badge you have.

2: Okpara stays near the table with the coffee machine, looking confrontational.
Okpara: I have the situation under control, and I’m not going to explain my reasons to a… a ghost hunter pretending to be a cop.

3: Jackson in the background, looking stern, to Okpara in the foreground.
Jackson: Pettiness does not become you, Ms. Okpara.
I think we should both calm down, take a breath…
Take a walk with me, and we’ll-

4: Okpara’s hand grabs for the cup as the machine sputters steam.

5: The cup of nearly boiling hot coffee is thrown at Jackson/the viewer.