1: The book and letters are sealed up into a secret compartment of Lea’s metal tech case.
Zara: Nice to be “away from Julia”, huh?
Lea: Hm?

2: Backs to the camera, the two are putting books and portfolios back onto their shelves like good, polite girls.
Zara: What you said earlier.
You didn’t mean me… right?
Lea: What? Of course not! More just…
Time as someone else, a new name and history… I was just glad to have some distance from what happened to me.

3: Lea looks sad and does not look at Zara, instead keeping her eyes focused on the bookshelf. Zara quietly watches from over her shoulder.
Lea: I was so… shaken
I was… destroyed, disassembled, put back together.
I wasn’t sure if I was me anymore, or just a copy… an illusion.

4: Zara gives Lea a soft smile.
Zara: You’re you, hon. You’re the woman I love, and that hasn’t changed.

5: In the darkness, they sit and  speak, surrounded by history.
Zara: It’s like… looking at that old statue. Labev-Ra? You could still tell it was him, even if he’s been changed and rearranged over the centuries.
And you’ve not changed that much. You’re the same person I knew.
Naomi Ryder is the same character, even if she’s changed actors a few times, right?
Tidechaser, that band you hate-
Lea: Dadrock.
Zara: -they still feel like the same band, even without any of their original members.

6: Lea smiles, worried but relaxed.
Lea: Hmf.
Thanks, nerd.