1: Seen from behind, Lea has moved forward and leans on the railing, tail wagging as she looks down.
Lea: How deep do you think it even goes?!

2: Zara’s it still in the doorframe, looking overwhelmed as she nervously looks about the large room.

3: Lea turns to look at her.
Lea: Where do we-?

4: Zara seems unsure, looking at her.
Lea, off screen: Hey, hey…

5: Lea’s hand is extended.
Lea: Where’s that confident girl I knew a few months ago?
We’ve been in scarier places, and this one doesn’t even have lizard monsters in it!
I’m here with you.

6: Zara watches Lea’s hand with mild surprise.

7: She grabs it and steps forward, perking up.
Zara: I… I know the catalog number, but didn’t know the archive was in layers.
This might take us some time.
Lea: Let’s get started then.