1: A computer screen shows the contents of an email from a contact known as Serpentongue.
???: Oh, hell…
sorry not a lot of time
i managed to hack the security feed on the private network for the sudan radiation lab and recorded this video
i don’t know what it is
ive also attached the telemetric data if you want to try to explore too
i have to go dark i was caught
will erach out when safe

2: Julia is there, well dressed and holding a tablet with black-gloved hands. She’s staring at the screen and turning to one side to yell.
Julia: Mel, Mel! You really need to see this!

3: The video she has received, from Sal, is hacked security footage from a secure containment area of the Radiation Lab. Suspended by thick black cords of flesh is an embryonic bundle of Black Mass, curled up with its many bulbous eyes closed. Four stubby limbs are curled to its body, as is its tail. Behind the container, the wall reads “C-20”.
Julia: What the hell are they doing?