1: Sal’s finger hits the screen of his phone, activating his media player.

2: Beside him, in the dirt, a large speaker lights up as his music blares, with death-metal screams of mayhem.

Lyrics: and DIE!!!

3: The figure, edges lit in blue by the speakers, recoils and clutches their head in pain from the loud music.

Lyrics: Eat of the dead
Empty your head
of LIES!!!

4: Sal is off, running, ducked low to the ground, moving in panic as fast as he can along the fence.
Lyrics (smaller now, a bit in the distance): Strip every layer
Till nothing’s left

5: He slides to cover behind the power station from before, but the bright light of an overhead drone illuminates the dirt on either side of him.

6: Seen from the side, he cowers and covers his mouth, holding his breath as the figure, backlit by the approaching drone, sprints past his hiding spot.