Welcome to Issue 23! New friends, new threats, and the same darkness that you’ve always had inside you.



A magazine cover shows a male rat descending the stairs of a private jet. Insect anatomy has been superimposed over his body, including a sharp pincer arm, a large red bug eye, antennae, and membraned wings. This cover article is titled “Bugmen Among Us!” and has the subtitles:

“Royal advisor alien insect in disguise!”
“In charge of National DNA Database?!”
“Updated: ‘Signs of the Bugmen’ Fold-Out Poster! page 5”

Three photos on the side feature other articles:

A blurry photograph of a secretary bird is labelled, “Vampire of Cairo Alive!”
A photograph of giant reptilian bones being tended to by a tiny person is labelled, “Dragon bones unearthed in China!”
A photo of a ram leaning on a tree wrapped in yellow ribbon is labelled, “I married a tree from another dimension!”

An insert in the top right promises to help you “Win a new horse” on page 19 and the bottom of the cover speaks of “The Vatican City Secret!”