1: Vidali wipes her eyes as she gets to her feet.

Xijo (off-panel): Vidali Dara…

Vidali: Right…

2: Xijo holds his breather mask close to his face while Vidali opens his shirt, revealing his bruised, bloody form. We see this through the window to the room.

Xijo: If this is true, then any soldier who comes down here to fight Sedjet Ahmes may just make it stronger.

We must remain isolated. There must be another way.

3: Rhoda stands at the door, dressed in a flowing white robe she wore when seen in the temple. She calmly watches and listens with a neutral tone.

4: She continues to walk down the hallway. Before her, the hallway recedes into shadow, blackness webbing up the walls.

5: As she continues, clutching a white napkin in her hand, the hallway distorts into a dream-like jumble of shapes, twisting and contorting downwards as a redness seems to seep through the walls between cracks of shadows.