Can you hear me?


1: Inside the blackness of the Black Idol’s flesh, Julia is lit only by the light of the necklace which she holds in her hands. Her eyes are open, peering at it: she is nude, without adornments, in an astral form.

2: She shuts her eyes, and she prays.

Julia: Air’asha, who brought us fire,

who broke the chains of slavery so we may roam freely…

3: She continues the ritual. In front of her, tentacles are being split and pulled apart by light.

Julia: O bringer of light, whose many hands held the fire of the sun,

O armorer of man, whose swords we drenched in blood,

whose key opened the doors within…

Hear me!

4: Julia is exposed to light, looking up with intensity as her ritual finishes.

Julia: I beg you: consume me in your fire,

so that I may burn bright! So that my WILL manifests!

5: A multi-armed figure is seen descending in the light, obscured and shadowy, resembling the statue in Julia’s house in Issue #15.