1: Doctor Xijo lays unmoving on the bed of the medical ward. He’s hooked up to an IV and looks pale.

2: Vidali is sitting on the floor, holding the phone from the wall.

Vidali: Yes.

I think you should send it down. It’s the only way we know to stop it.

3: Dark tentacles extend from a doorframe, peeling open a pair of metal doors in the dark, another elevator shaft being infiltrated.

Vidali (off-panel): No, he… yes.

Yes. He’s entirely gone.

4: The elevator doors are pushed open by claws and tentacles, folded in half easily.

Vidali (off-panel): It’s all compromised. I locked down the exit but it’s only a matter of time until he gets out.

5: The black idol creature digs into the concrete walls and starts to ascend to the upper floors. It’s bigger than ever, with Julia’s mass in it, but still keeps its basic shape.

Vidali (off-panel): I mean, it… if it has Sedjet’s memories…