Afterlife TOS can be pretty harsh, huh.


1: Rhoda is being split in half and pulled apart. The tiny hands of Tazim’s multiple bodies tug at her from either side, and her body is splitting down the middle, skin peeling away from exposed muscle. She screams in agony.

Rhoda: Nggaah- AAAHH!

Tazim (off-panel): What do you desire?

2: Rhoda, face being split in half tries to concentrate. Her skin giving way to muscle, revealing bone.

Rhoda: T… Tazim… Talash…

I need your s-str… strength and cunning… help me save Julia.

3: Rhoda’s skeleton is exposed as her body is split into layers down the middle, peeled back.

Tazim: What will you give for this power?

What will you sacrifice?

All things have a cost.

4: Rhoda is split apart, divided into skin, muscle and bone. Her face grimaces sadly and stares down.

Rhoda: Anything.

She did so much for me, and… hgff… and I failed her…

I have to fix this…

5: Many heads of Tazim lean close to listen, her skull begins to split open too, bright gold light glowing from within it.

Rhoda: Melissa and Julia… they deserve better…

Tazim: Julia has gone where your kind must never go.

I can help you save her from this fate.

I can keep YOU from this fate.

And… I can give you what you’ve always wanted:

Freedom from the horrid fate that all mortal souls must one day face.

But there