1: Outside. Julia is sitting in the open back of Jackson’s van, wrapped in a blanket. The Avery tends to the wounds of Eric and Jackson, the raccoon’s arms are covered in bandages.

2: Julia is handed a thermos of coffee by Jackson.

Jackson (off-screen): Drink this, you’ll feel better.

3: Jackson changes into another shirt as Julia sips the coffee imperiously.

Jackson:You should not have gone in there after me.

Julia: I saved your ass.

Jackson: And I’m thankful, but if that monster was not in its weakened state, you would have died.

4: Jackson sits next to Julia, an air of concern rather than chastisement.

Jackson: Your friend will be fine, although we’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

5: We see the thermos level is low, distortion from Julia’s perspective shows her vision is fuzzy.

Jackson (off-screen): Her father will be keeping her medicated to help with internal injuries.

She won’t remember any of this… and neither will you.

6: Jackson looks blurry through Julia’s perspective.

Julia (off-screen): What. uh… do you… mean?