Page 14
1: Julia stands resolute, talking with the blue jay agent.

Julia: I’m not going to just sit on my ass out here! I’m going in there to see if I can help!

Avery speaks Avian in a tone of fearful outrage.

2: Julia is angry, looking down at Melissa’s unconscious body.

Julia: That thing attacked my friend because I was too curious, and that might have made shit go down here, too.

3: The avian agent retorts with a long musical barrage in his native tongue.

Avery speaks Avian, thoughtful at first, with an edge of conciliatory friendship, then turning to a firm negative tone.

4: Julia looks down on him and sighs.

Julia: You’re right.

5: She leaves confidently.

Julia: Thank you for permission to go in.

6: Avery sulks, but has a knowing, respectful smile.