At least someone’s having a good time.

This is it for issue 19, but issue 20 is ready to begin! Next Friday I’ll reveal the cover, and the Wednesday after that we’ll start with page 1! A massive 45+ page issue, the end of this trilogy and the culmination of many plot threads.

BUT, and I saw this concern in the comments, don’t worry – this is not even close to the end of this webcomic. There are many mysteries to reveal and solve, many stories to explore, exciting times and places to visit. Honestly, this comic is designed to last forever as I expand and explore the world, mythos, and wider universe, so don’t you worry, there’s LOTS to do and lots to see.


1: Julia’s ears perk and twitch.

2: She is curled up on the floor against the wall, looking up, eyes wide as she stares at the ceiling.

Julia: S… Sedj…

I can hear you…

3: She’s slowly getting to her feet.

Julia: You did it… hh, hah… hahah…

Why… Why’d you do it? Hah!

4: She stands, laughing madly – mouth open too wide with too many teeth, eyes staring at the ceiling as she clutches herself, her text distorted and scratchy.

Julia: Ahahaha! Hah!

Welcome back, Sedjet!