1: They sit in silence a moment. Melissa has sat back down; Rhoda is wiping tears from her eyes.

2: Melissa opens her backpack, pulling out some books, papers, and a small bundle of pale, embroidered cloth.

Melissa: Did Julia ever tell you what happened to me?

Rhoda (off-panel): Hm?

Melissa: The creature that attacked us under the library.

3: As they talk, Melissa is laying out a book, opening it.

Rhoda (off-panel): Sort of. She didn’t go into detail.

Melissa: I was… taken over, I guess, by something.

A creature that got inside me and… used me.

They got it out of me, but it left traces… It was like mold, it was growing until…

4: The page in the book is a wood carving of The Black Dog.

Melissa (off-panel): She got it out of me. She… cleaned me by eating the infection.

5: We watch Rhoda’s face as she studies the book. Melissa slids a large old book – affixed with a small illegible paper note – and the cloth bundle off to the side.

Melissa: Rhoda… Julia is sick with the same thing, and it’s got her worse than it got me.

This hound or ghost or demon or whatever… It can cure her, but I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure out how to summon her… I need your help.