1: On the screen is an ad for a sitcom. A young deer child sits in shock and surprise before a rather large mess of batter. The audience laughs and reacts with her.

Cymbeline: Uh oh…

2: Melissa rushes into view, in a turtleneck sweater, arms out.

Melissa: Cymbeline! How’d you get in such a mess?! Where’s your mother?

3: Julia is seen shrugging and smiling in a bright shirt. She shrugs exaggeratedly and the audience laughs.

Julia: Don’t blame me! I let you do the cooking!

4: The family is posing behind a logo of their show, reading “Doe is Me”. Julia stands proud next to Melissa, who is holding up the laughing deer. In the corner is the Gateway logo, a delicate lotus design.

Narrator: Watch out for season two of Doe is Me, only on Gateway.

5: Julia’s head has split open into a four part black mouth, and long tentacles with jagged spikes lash out to impale Melissa’s face and arm. She and the girl are flinching and screaming as the cartoonish logo continues below.

6: Julia wakes up in extreme shock, gasping for air. Brightly lit, this is not on the TV: she’s in a stark white bed and wearing a surgical gown.

7: She sits up, in a pale white room with a security camera. She’s rubbing her head.