No, there’s no translation of the Martian language, don’t try to decode it.


1: Inside the bunk room of the covert research station, digital screens emulate a starry world outside, a large plant sits on a desk. Sedjet lays on the bottom bunk.

2: Vidali lays in bed, awake and looking tiredly up at the ceiling.

Xijo (off-panel): [Untranslated Martian]

3: Outside the sleeping quarters, in the lab’s lounge, we see Xijo, pacing, speaking into a small recorder in his native tongue. He wears a more natural green body suit that is more commonly the Martian style of dress.

Xijo: [Untranslated Martian]

4: Vidali leans over the side of her bunk, Sedjet is rolled over in the bottom bunk.

Vidali: Does he… not sleep, or what?

Sedjet: They’re polyphasic sleepers… they’re never as deeply asleep as us.

5: Vidali fishes out her phone and puts in a pair of headphones.

Vidali: Do they all talk to themselves all night?

Sedjet (off-panel): Heh.

I wouldn’t judge, you talk in your sleep.

Vidali: Do not!