1: The road Julia walks down is in better shape, less ruined and less overgrown, though the surrounding buildings still appear obviously abandoned and rotting. Behind her, beside the road are large round buildings with faded, chipped paint, a large sign rests on its side, collapsed.

Julia: <digital click> Feel like my skin is crawling… like it doesn’t fit right… I don’t know.

Am I feverish? Everything feels… off.

2: Julia has arrived. Tube-like tunnels with many entrances to the tall building. She still keeps Lily held close.

Julia: Th second tower…

Gods… please… I need a break… <digital click>

3: She walks down a darkened hallway inside the building, branching at the sides into numerous smaller hallways. Rubble and trash litter the floor. Faded posters with a blue/gray symbols still cling to the walls, molded and torn, illustrating something unknown.

4: She skirts nervously between a wall and a rusted, twisted vehicle that has crashed into the building: vines and moss has slowly invaded through the gaping hole.

5: Through a large door, we see it: another portal room.