1: Julia is on the ground against a wall, helmet in her lap, watching the kneeling Melissa take off her own helmet with wide eyes.

Melissa: I need you here, Julia, hon… Come back to me…

2: Melissa presses her forehead to Julia’s, eyes shut and watering. Julia pants slightly but is calming down, watching her.

3: Melissa’s fingers caress Julia’s cheeks, holding her head.

Melissa (off-panel): I need you to be strong with me…

4: They kiss: Melissa’s hands on Julia’s cheeks, their heads tilted, Julia’s hands lightly touching Melissa’s wrists. Melissa has her eyes shut, Julia’s are open in surprise.

5: Julia’s open, surprised eye.

6: Her eyes are shutting, tearing up again but looking calm.

7: Their fingers intertwine.