1: The two slowly stand up.

Ikal: You okay, kiddo?

Tucker: Uh huh… but…

Do you think they…?

Ikal: No one survives somethin’ like that… and you nailed him real good, too.

2: Tucker wrings hands.

Tucker: A way to stop the Black Star… it was there, we almost had it.

3: Ikal steps closer to Tucker, still dusting his clothes off.

Ikal: Ain’t no way we can dig through all that, shame to say.

We’d better cut dirt, kid. When you get back, you can tell ’em all it’s here, maybe they can still come fish it out.

Tucker: Maybe.

4: The two face each other in the cracked, ancient street.

Tucker: What if… what if he’s right, though? What if everyone thinks like he does?

I remember stories about that horrible thing, but what if everyone else just wants to study it? What if they don’t care how dangerous it is?

Ikal: Listen, lil chickabid, that’s not gonna happen. I knew Jocelyn pretty well. If the rest of your camp is anything like him, they won’t get scooped in by the plumb crazy ones like Hedgeworth.