1: A mining installation at night. A sign on one of the buildings proclaims its ownership as the Tar Creek Mining Company, shown in both Avian and English text.

Caption: Tar Creek mining claim.

5 miles from Clearwater, Nevada.

Avian Territory, 1853.

2: Inside the mine, a gruff looking Pine Grosbeak descends wooden stairs down a tunnel carved in stone and braced by large logs of wood. A suit-wearing Pine Siskin accompanies him, holding a lantern.

3: They exit the stairs into a large underground cave. Somewhat off into the distance is another bird, a Red House Finch.

Red Finch: You brung the foreman?

Grosbeak: Yar!

4: A closeup of the foreman, the Siskin as he walks, peering ahead, holding his lantern up. He is a very stern looking man.

Red Finch (off-screen): Peskily sorry ter wake ya at this hour, sir.

Siskin: Just tell me what you found.

5: In the walls of the underground cave, we see large doors carved in stone.

Grosbeak (off-screen): Well, we ain’t plumb sure.