1: Rhoda, still grinning even as Julia’s fist maintains a grip on her clothes.
Rhoda: You think she’ll come back?
Would you come back, knowing what you know?
If you could truly be free of the thing that all of you are inside…
Would you actually return to these bodies with their roots so dark?
Julia: I did!
Rhoda: Did you?

2: Julia lets go of Rhoda and steps back. Her expression has broken down further into a mild fear.

3: Seen from behind, Melissa is approaching Julia holding a pair of coats. Her pistol is slung into the back of her pants. In the background. Julia is speaking to Rhoda, both of them lit from behind by the hut’s open door.
Julia: What are we?
What are all of us, really, on the inside?
Whoever or whatever you are… you must know.

4: Rhoda is straightening her robe and turning around.
Rhoda: Oh, my sweet girls…

5: Rhoda speaks over her shoulder.
Rhoda: The truth would break your heart.

6: She leaves them there outside in the dark. Julia does not move from staring into the now closed door, even as Melissa drapes her in a coat.
Rhoda: Better get going, you two.