1: Melissa stands up too, looking confused. Julia keeps her stance and her stare. Rhoda doesn’t get up.
Mel: What, h… how?
Julia: I’ve known Rhoda for years.
This looks like her, sounds and smells like her, but the way it talks, the way it moves and stands…

2: Rhoda, still sitting, shrugs.
Rhoda: Some advice, Julia: if you know someone’s an impostor, don’t just… shout it at them.
Entrap them or something. Make sure you have the advantage and that you aren’t surrounded in the middle of the desert, just as a random example.

3: Julia keeps up her death glare.
Rhoda: I mean you two no harm.
I’m not a “Doppelganger” like your cat friend was.
You’re safe here.
Julia: Where’s Rhoda?

4: A profile view of Rhoda as she sits back.
Rhoda: She’s safe too, just… unavailable.

8: She holds a mischievous expression, head resting on her hand.
Rhoda: Now, do you want my help or not?