1: Julia steps back in shock. Melissa tenses up as if preparing for trouble.
???: Hey, hey, let them through. They’re friends of mine.

2: Rhoda approaches them. She wears thin robes all over to protect from desert sun and sandstorms, and her eyes are covered by large sunglasses which obscure her eyes from all angles.
Rhoda: Don’t mind him, girls, he’s harmless.
Julia: Rhoda…?
Rhoda: You should come with me, it gets cold really quick out here.

3: The two follow her down a foot path towards one of the huts; as sunlight fades, one of the hooded figures is lighting one of several lanterns mounted on a pole.

4: Rhoda has let them inside of her hut. She has hurriedly shuffled to a small iron stove where something was cooking, leaving the girls in the threshold to look around. The hut is lit by oil lampsand lanterns and features piles of old books and scrolls.
Rhoda: I knew you would figure out my little message eventually. I didn’t want anyone else finding me.
Julia: So you’re… safe?
Rhoda: I’m safe!
I need my privacy, but if you needed to find me this badly, then, well… here I am.