1: Clothes are being packed into a suitcase.
Mel: So… who wrote those letters, then?
Julia: Hm?

2: Julia and Melissa are packing bags in their bedroom.
Mel: You said Rhoda wasn’t available, or that she wasn’t around. You made her sound possessed, maybe, or vacant in some way.
So why would she be leaving clues in letter that only you would recognize?

3: Julia looks down as she folds a shirt.
Julia: Maybe she’s… coming back around? Feeling better, but needing to be subtle.
Maybe she’s in danger and has to send these messages in secret.

4: Mel’s hands are tucking a pistol into a discrete compartment of a travel bag.
Mel: Or, maybe it’s a trap.
As far as we can tell, the fake Kas had all his memories, too.

5: Eyebrows furrowed in concern, Julia looks thoughtfully at the window.
Julia: Well…
Rhoda probably needs our help either way.

6: Melissa now stands closer to Julia, leaning on her side.
Mel: We just have to be careful – and we have to be ready for the worst.
Julia: I’ll pack a sword, then.
Mel: As if I’d let you have a sword.
Julia: You own two guns! Not fair.