1: The three scientists are in the lounge area in casual clothes (besides Xijo), Vidali and Sedjet sit in lowered section of the lab, separated from them is Xijo, surrounded by folders of paper notes at a computer table. Vidali is relaxing with food, seeming to watch a screen off-panel. Sedjet is sitting near her, looking at a tablet.

2: Sedjet flicks through lists of data on the tablet.

3: Vidali sits up to look at him, Sedjet rubs his head.

Vidali: Don’t burn yourself out, Sedj. Eat something.

Sedjet: Mm. It’s not adding up.

Something’s missing, this is all… meaningless.

4: Sedjet is standing up. Xijo is in the background, looking up from his papers.

Xijo: Meaningless? This data is important, Sedjet Ahmes.

Sedjet: Yes, but we’re dancing around the problem.

Data is good. You two are getting somewhere with the radiation: figuring out why it affects it… We just need to do more.

5: Vidali, concerned, starts to stand up.

6: Sedjet is rubbing the back of his head, feeling exposed. The other two watch him quietly.

Sedjet: I think we’re being too clinical. We’re not going to learn anything about this by keeping it in sterile samples. That’s not how it feeds, how it lives… I…

This is sounding crazy… now that I’m saying it out loud, but we’ve got to try something different.