1: Several people of varied gender and species but mostly athletic builds stand in a room, idly chatting to one another. They all are wearing identical white tank tops and briefs and a few of thems rub their arms as if cold. The crowd includes  a rodent, a serval, a frilled lizard, a hippo, a platypus, a fox, a skunk, a caracal, and a tanuki.
Presenter, off screen: Sorry for the cold, the heat should be kicking in momentarily…

2: A wheeled rack is rolled in by the presenter. On display is a new version of the Nagaskin suit, updated in design. The cart also supports several boxes of them.
Presenter: We will be guiding you through the proper use and care of the newest version of the Nagaskin Atmospheric Suit.
We’ve made a few adjustments, thanks to more rigorous field testing and testimonies, so please note the new key features.

3: Someone, face unseen, has stepped into the suit, baggy at first, which has begun to vacuum seal itself around their lower body.
Presenter: Armor plating around vital areas should make these suits even more protective than the previous versions. Most of these armored sections also serve as expandable pockets for emergency storage in the field.

4: Among the crowd is seen Julia and Melissa, putting on suits of their own. Julia looks smug, Melissa looks amused.
Julia: Wonder who suggested that?