1: Interior view of the car. Melissa drives as Julia holds up a letter to the window, letting light peek through the paper, searching for clues.
Julia: Dang, nothing.
C’mon, Rhoda, you must’ve left me something… Please don’t make me try to source your ink or find out where the sand on the paper came from or something…

2: A close-up of one of the pages. Julia’s fingers are indicating to two scratched out letters, presumed spelling errors.
Julia: Hm.

3: Now, back in their basement HQ, Melissa is lugging an oversized book to the table.
Mel: Why’s this one so big…

4: Julia has positioned tracing paper over the letters and connected lines between scratched out letters. The lines seem to match up with patterns found on maps in the open book.
Mel: What are these?
Julia: Ley lines. I thought I recognized the patterns once I traced them…
I helped her research these for some art thing one time.

5: The overlay of several papers on a map show many lines converging on one place.
Julia: There, maybe?
If these are, like, clues for me to find… If she wants us to find her, then maybe she’s here.
Mel: If you’re sure?
Julia: It’s kinda all I have.
Mel: Bit of a hike, but not too bad. I can look into travel.
Julia: Nah, I’ve got that. Stay clear for when Kas comes back with translations, that should be soon.