1: Julia is taking a seat on the couch.
Julia: All this is too secret. Getting someone else involved with what we’re doing might mean they find out about… Well.
Mel: Right. Yeah.

2: Julia looks to the side and smiles as she speaks.
Julia: Also, I’m absolutely positive that Agent Jackson is constantly on thin ice by helping us, so we’d better not push our luck. As it stands, the SIU is basically a joke depending on which politician you ask, so the less we ask for, the better.

3: Mel sits beside her.
Mel: So why don’t we ask Rhoda?
Julia: She’s… not available.
Mel: But why? You keep saying that but never elaborate.
Julia: It’s hard to explain, but the last time she and I really, truly spoke…

4: A flashback to Rhoda appearing to Julia during her Black Idol inner vision fight dealie.
Julia: She didn’t say it, exactly, but I knew she was leaving.
Even if she was there with us in the car going back home, even if I saw her once or twice after that, she wasn’t there, not really.
I haven’t heard from her for months now. If something bad happened to her, her parents would have told me but, other than that…

5: Melissa in the background, speaking with passion; Julia in the foreground, averting her gaze in defeat.
Mel: Why don’t we ask her parents, then? They must know where she’s gone.
Julia: Rhoda’s parents and I don’t… really get along.
Mel: We really need her help, Julia. I think we have to ask them.

6: Close-up on Julia, looking away, brow furrowed.