1: Jackson is opening his coat.
Jackson: You, of all people, shouldn’t talk about suspicious behavior.

2: Okpara flinches as if ready to react to an attack.

3: Jackson has revealed a recording device in an inner coat pocket.

4: Jackson holds the device in his hand, hitting a button.
Jackson: I’m not surprised you’d lie to me, but what did surprise me was you lying to the Pharaoh.

5: Okpara’s worried expression as her lies were replayed out loud.
Pharaoh: Be honest, Ms. Okpara. How many do you think there are? Doppelgangers, traitors, spies, whatever they are.
Okpara: Very few, ma’am. I’m certain it’s only one or two in here. Any more would be too obvious.

6: Jackson hides some anger.
Jackson: I won’t insult your intelligence by coming here with paper print-outs of the evidence.
You know as well as I that there are numerous Doppelgangers in this facility.
I know you know who they are.
Why are you hiding them? Why not let me help you?