1: Jackson frowns, turning his head.

2: Melissa watches in concern.

3: Jackson holds his forehead.

Jackson: I’m sorry.

Melissa (off-panel): No, please, it-

Jackson: We let that thing in, we weren’t cautious enough… I’m sorry about your father, and-

4: Melissa is leaning forward as she speaks, looking pained.

Melissa: It’s not your fault, J-

We… we fell for it too. We spoke to him for hours and didn’t suspect a thing.

5: Melissa looks anxious to change the subject.

Melissa: Come on. Next assignment. I gave the King family the cover story and helped them calm down with a few errands.

What next?

Jackson (off-panel): Nothing.

Melissa: …What do you mean? I think if I access the old religious archives so I can-

6: Jackson looks angry.

Jackson: Melissa. Nothing.

I don’t have to see you to know that you’re running yourself into the ground. I know what an overworked agent sounds like.

Take the rest of the week off. Consider that an order.

7: Melissa says nothing. Her teeth are grit as she seems almost afraid.